We have set up 3 VPN site to site connections with BM 3.7. This works
fine, but now i want to set up a VPN client to site connections with
ADSL on a KPN ADSL connection. (KPN is the ADSL provider) When i dial in
with my analogue modem al works fine.
When i'm at home and i set up a VPN client to site, i get connection
but that's all. I can't ping.
I'm using a Alcatel Speed Touch home (tweaked), so it's now a router.
I connect this router to a Hub and the PC's to the Hub. I have an
external IP address and an internal IP range,
I have almost done everything, also when i open all the ports, i get
the same problem. I can connect but have no ping.
Are there people who have the same problem and i hope a solution?

Is the router/modem the problem? And if its is, what modem must i buy?

Is it possible to use the Alcatel Speed touch home modem with a
NetGEar WGR614 router and will it work?