Reading in what's new and cool with BM 3.8,
the above line sounded VERY intresting to me,,

We've got some clients in larger corporations
that allready have one existing infrastructure with "other" Firewall's

2 off those are intrested in using BM, both for proxy but also for

The problem or issue we've had was the existing infrastructure on
these networks had to be kept "as is" since their head offices, oftenabroad, used this setup to be able to communicate witht them..

So,, for us to implement BM seemed either impossible or if not else,
big time labor....

But,, how should I read the above line ?

"The Novell BorderManager 3.8 VPN server needn't be your private
network's default gateway. "

Is there a new way to solve our clients issues without having to
change their existing setup with default gate's etc..??

I'd be happy....!