I've been getting phone call after phone call about computers automatically rebooting themselves after installing the zenworks 10.3.3 update. I've witnessed this myself actually. The prompt is not "prompting" anything, its prompting up minimized (sits on the taskbar saying "Zenworks.."). If the user pulls it up, it says "Workstation will auto reboot in 5 mins if you dont answer the question". However, lots of the users arent seeing the prompt so it sits there in the taskbar for 5 mins, then shuts all their work down and restarts the machine.

Is there something that can make sure the prompt stays on the screen until answered? Or at least make sure it pops up?

I know you're gonna say "it works on mine" .. and I've tested it too. If I have nothing going on, i.e. just sitting waiting for the prompt, it does pop up. I have not tested if I'm doing a bunch of work while the update is close to finishing, whether it pops up or not.