I would like to know if I can configure BM38 and the Microsoft VPN
client to

We have a couple of guys out on the road who need to connect to our
via our Bordermanager server from different client sites. Sometimes
attend with other companies who need to connect to their own Microsoft
/ 3rd
party IPSec VPN solution using the Microsoft VPN client. At some
clients we
are unable to esthablish a connection with our network, using the
Novell VPN
client, although the other companies always seen to achieve a
connection to
a Microsoft based VPN server. I would estimate that we have a 20%
rate. We have never been able to identify the cause. It may be that
companies open up the ports required for a Microsoft connection?

I won't pretend to know anything about Microsoft VPN technology,
I've never used a Microsoft VPN client, or been able to configure one!

I understand that BM3.8 may well help me create an environment where
we can
use a Microsoft client to talk to our network via Bordermanager VPN.

If anyone can provide any assistance or guidance on this matter I
would very
much appreciate it.

I have BM3.8 up and running on a NW6.5 box, configured for traditional

"legacy" NetWare VPN as we as IKE, NMAS etc. Using the NetWare 3.8
client I can connect in any mode.

Here are my questions:
1) Can the MS client talk to BM3.8?
If so...
2) How does it authenticate, certificate or shared secret?
3) What settings to I need to make in the MS VPN client?

Thanks in advance.

Steve Curtis