We are running Windows XP Pro with iPrint client v.5.42. All our queues have been set to iPrint direct, rather than using a server-based queue.
I noticed that when one of our printers was switched off that jobs sent to it did not get queued up in the print queue in Printers and Faxes, they only showed up in the iPrint client's "Document Status" table available from the iPrint client system tray icon. Under the status field the display was "Creation Failed" for all the jobs. We created a direct IP queue to the same printer and tested when the printer was off. The job was visible in Printers and Faxes and when we turned the printer on, it printed out. The same job sent to the iPrint print queue did not show up as a print job and the status bar of the printer's job list in Printers and Faxes said "Not Available". This job appeared in the Document Status as "Creation Failed". My question is:
1. Why, when our print queues are set to iPrint direct in iManager, are the jobs not held locallly when the printer is switched off, then print out when the printer is switched on again?
2. I haven't had time to test this on other printers, but is this peculiar to our printer, or would this behaviour occur irrespective of the make/model (i.e. it is an inherent iPrint behaviour)?