I have 5-user NW6-SP5 (SBS 6) server. The box is nine years old. I really don't want to change anything on it (let sleeping dogs lie). I have a new box on which I plan to install OES2-SP3 64 bit (Linux) into a new tree then install GW8-SP2-HP2.

The old box has a single GW domain and post office (about 4GB). On the new box I want to create a Primary and Secondary domains for resillance. All that I really need from the old server is a few GB of NSS data and GroupWise. Specifically the post office and users. I have one user that has a lot of nicknames that need to be maintained.

I have no problem shutting down GroupWise on the old server during the migration.

Most of the documentation and threads in this forum I have read deal with migrations to new servers in the same tree and maintaining the same GroupWise eDir objects. I'm looking for suggestions/caveats/options on how I should proceed.