We are running Netware 6.5 SP8 with three DA's. They are configured statically and are pointing to the others and not themselves. We have a mix of XP and Win7 clients out in the field. We just changed our scope and the XP machines are picking up the new scope and using it. Running slpinfo /all shows the new scopes on all three DA's. However since there is no slpinfo in Windows 7 because of OpenSLP, we have found a tool called slptool. Using the command slptool findscopes it returns default and not the correct scope. However in the Novell Client properties the scope is correct under service location. We also are using Novell DHCP and the option is set in Global Preferences to push out the new scope. My questions are:

Do I need to add anything to the slp.cfg file on the netware DA's in order for the Win 7 machines to pick up the new scope.

If I do have to add something to slp.cfg files what will that do the XP machines that are working?

Is adding it to the client enough?