System is a mixture of NW6.5 SP8 and NW6.0SP5
All NW 6.5 servers are running eDir 8.8.5
All NW 6.0 servers are running eDir

The system has had a static DA and a defined SLP scope for years.

We are having an issue with Windows 7 users at a remote campus.

Until recently, there was a Netware server at this campus that was
supporting another department.
That server was relocated a week ago.

Since that time, the Windows 7 users at that campus have not been able to
see the tree.

All of the clients have the DA's IP address and the scope listed in the
client settings.

Since that server was used by another department, it wasn't even in the same
context as these users, so there are no server-specific settings on the
Windows XP clients have no problem connecting.

I've also tried using the master partition holder's IP address in place of
the tree name, without success.

Any ideas?