Currently I have BMv3.7sp2 install, on NW5.1 server. It has both
static &
Dynamic NAT enabled.

Static NAT's are used for incoming Citrix, WebAccess & GWIA, which are
on separate servers. Since anybody with the citrix client, who knows
ipaddress can attempt to gain access to it we are thinking about
installing/activate BM VPN. We might enabled it for WebAccess as well.

1) I can't remember if I installed the VPN stuff when I installed BM -
can I tell if all the pieces are there, I checked NWCONFIG but it just
BM & SP2 installed.

2) I know I removed the default filters that the BM install put there
VPN - how do I get them back with out screwing up all the other
Can I install BM on a test sever and then copy the VPN filters from
filter.cfg file into the real one.

3) I have RoadRunner at home, with a PC running Winroute Lite with 2
it does NAT to the LAN, I have setup 192.168.69.xx on home LAN. The
LAN is 10.10.10.xx, will BM VPN work in this situation.

Thanks for your help.