I have a problem using Groupwise 8.0.2 (HP1 & HP2) on what seems to be only Windows 7 machines (a range of 32-bit & 64-bit, Home Premium to Business.)

If a user chooses to save an attachment to a network drive, and gets the Windows style save dialog box everything works as it should. This only seems to happen when right click on the attachment from the main e-mail view and choosing save as. If a user tries to save attachments to a network drive, and gets the Groupwise save dialog box by trying to save more than one, or going file -> save as, and clicks save it runs through the attachments but doesn't say saved.

Nothing appears in the folder location to the user, but when I look at the folder structure on the server itself (the server in question is a SLES 10 SP1 machine) the file names are there. However, they are 0 rated in size, and they only have a write permission which is why the user can't see them.

Back to the save dialog box, after clicking save the 1st time, if a user selects the files again and clicks save to the same location Groupwise states "File already exists, overwrite?" and the user says yes then each file name at the top gets a 'saved' next to it. Then, when the user looks where the file should be they appear, and are their correct size.

Saving for other applications is working fine (have tried MS Office 2007 and some bespoke programs we have) and saving locally to the PC from Groupwise works fine with the Groupwise save dialog. These files can then be moved to the location and transfer correctly.

Have tried saving to our Netware server, which seems to work as it should. However, have tried saving to a different server (SLES 10 SP3) which suffers the same problem although not the same extent. Files can't be seen by the client as there is no read permission, but they are saving correctly (i.e. they aren't 0 rated.)

A bit lost and feeling helpless, as I'm not sure if this a server issue or a Groupwise problem. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!