I should mention that this is a test environment.

I will be leaving Netware6.5 and going to SLES10 with OES2 so I need to
simulate our current environment.

In my test environment, I have an L2 switch separating each subnet using

I do not want to install OES2 on SLES10 until I get NTP loaded correctly.

I loaded 3 SLES10 servers ( without OES ) on separate subnets, conected to
the proper VLAN.

To simulate routing between the VLANs, I have assembled a router with 4
ethernet cards:

nic1 =
nic2 = ( store bought router )
nic3 =
nic4 =

The issue I am having currently is anytime I make any changes to my network
configuration on my SLES10 server that is on the network, I
lose communications with and Anytime I make a change
to the network settings, I do a "service network restart" and when that
doesn't work, I reboot. How can I get this back to good without
re-installing the OS. ( re-installing works every time )