Hello, maybe someone can help me out on this.

Have site to site VPN 1 Master 2 Slaves. All BM3.7SP2 on NW6SP3.

1 slave is OK , but the second stays on for weeks and then drops the connection.

The failing slave is behind a slower link, ISDN. After that it almost

impossible to restore the connection.

Now the slave can communicate but it wil not authenticate the packets

send from the master or other slave.

Disabled any NAT on the ISDN router.

Unloaded the filters. Default filters for VPN are all there and seem

Any solutions ?

The ISDN line is using a sub-adres and is going out through the
company's tel switch. Maybe this is off topic but can someone tell me

this setup can cause disconnection ? with the VPN in mind.

Thanks for any help.