We are in the process of migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7. In preparation we are attempting to upload all of the correct Windows 7 print drivers into IPP. The problem we are having is that within the IPP Manage Driver Store task, under the Drivers Tab we can add print drivers for Windows XP from “Add From File” or “Add From System” just fine – but when I select Windows 7 from the Driver’s Platform drop down and then click “Add From File” or “Add From System” I get the following error:

“A driver can only be added to the same operating system that is currently running on the workstation.”

Now, this is fully expected on the Add From System, but in accordance with both the pop up help and the Novell Documentation I should be able to upload drivers from a file.

I have attempted this from IE 7 and from IE 8 (both with compatibility mode turned on and off). I have installed the iprntman-setup.exe utility. Windows XP is fully patched. I set IE security to low in case it was a problem with running the plugin. I set the server (both iManager and the IPP print server) to trusted. The server is a brand new SLES 10.3 / OES 2 SP 3 fully patched server. The IPP print environment works perfectly other than this issue.

Any ideas?