i've to manage a range of pc with windows7 sp1 and netware client 2 sp5(ir). our server goes Netware 6.5 sp5.
the pc's can login to the server fast, no problem; but opening files in office 2007 which are stored on the nw-server, or store files fom office 2007 to the nw-server, as well as copying files from nw-server to local disks or vice versa takes a long time - 20 sec or more for a 100kb file.
this behavior show all the pc's. when copying files i can open the details in the copy-window and there is shown 'computing' for a long time.???
can please anyone, hwo had a similar problem already solved give me a good advice? we want to work in future with win7 and netware as fast as it was possible with win-xp and nw-client 4.91sp5.

best thanks in advance- h.mueller

ps: same effect with virtual netware server 6.5sp8