We recently upgraded from ZCM 10,3 to ZCM 11

We have a just acquired a couple of windows 7 64 bit workstations, 16 GB
We installed the ZCM 11 agent on one and shortly after that the machine
became unstable.
Random BSOD and shutting down or when it went into power save and the screen
went blank it would not come back when keys were pressed.
The machine without the ZCM agent was fine for several days until we put the
ZCM 11 agent on that.

I read that the endpoint security and asset management pieces of the agent
might be the cause of this so I removed them from the agent. No change.

The only pieces left installed on the agent are:
Bundle Management
Policy Management
User Management
Remote Management
Image Management

I uninstalled the ZCM 11 agent and the machine returned to stability. I
decided to experiment and installed the ZCM10.3 agent and the machine is
still stable

Anyone else seen this? Ideas??