I've just reported the following issues back to Novell regarding
I've found with the VPN client.

1 ) If the windows XP desktop crashes for some reason, so causing the
bottom right
icon bar to be redrawn, nether the VPN client or firewall client
re-add their icons. As
the icons provide the primary control point for these programs
its rather an issue.

2) On Windows XP if you disable the network card that the VPN client
is bound to, the
system will BSD.

3) In windows XP once the VPN client has connected, it hard sets the
DNS configuration
of the network card that it bound to. This means that the XP
support for an alternate
configuration that a card can be configured with is corrupted as
the DNS entries set
by the VPN client overwrite those configured in the alternate

I hope, these will save other people some time.