Have recently updated an underused ZLM 7.3 to ZCM 11 and have started to utilise it to perform patching of SLES 10 SP3 and OES 2.

At present I have a Novell subscription that downloads from novell NU as Patches with
Create Category based Bundle Groups on.

I hadn't at this point got my head around the sandbox but now want to utilise this as I don't want to implement it willy nilly and have patches deployed and installed without testing first.

So first question is whether there is a best practice document for using ZCM 11 for patching SLES 10 and Sles/oes boxes that describes how best to use the sandbox.

Next question is whether sandbox applies to the patches or only monolithic bundles

At the end of the day it would be great to have a best practice document on how to utilise ZCM with change control over keeping SLES10/OES boxes patched up to date