Hello everyone.

Recently we got assigned the task of managing a few classrooms with about 80 computers. Of course we chose to integrate them in our ZCM infrastructure. That deployment will be in a different network segment fully firewalled. We plan to place a computer there as satellite to do imaging (including multicasting) policy and bundle roles. This device will also work as proxy in that network segment.

I've been looking at the documentation, and I'm a little confused about the ports I need to open between the network where primaries are the one with the satellite and the classroom computers.

If my guessing is right I need to ask to the network administrators to open:

From primaries to devices

TCP/UDP 7628
TCP 5950 (for remote management)

From devices to primaries:

TCP 80
TCP 443
TCP 2645
TCP 5550
TCP 5750

The UDP ports are needed just for pxeboot, imaging and wake-on-lan; since the satellite will have the imaging role and also work as proxy I'm not sure if any of the UDP are needed.

So... Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

- Víctor