Maybe I'm just a little dense, but this just isn't making sense to me.

I am trying to setup a Groupwise install per these directions:

At step 4 it says to: Create a launch schedule for each bundle so that
the bundles launch in the following order:

* wse3.msi
* msxml.msi
* groupwise.msi

I'm assuming that means I can somehow tell ZCM to require the previous
bundle to be installed before installing this one...for example:
msxml.msi bundle won't install until wse3.msi bundle is installed. So
far each of my three bundles has an install MSI action. I'm reading
through the docs, but it just isn't clear. (I don't recall having
this much trouble understanding ZfD7). I would appreciate it if
someone would please explain what I need to do to complete step 4.