I just started with ZCM imaging. Running 10.3.2. Primary server is the PXE
server and a
Windows server with the imaging role to store the images.
On the satelite I've mounted an extra disk on c:\Program

I'm able to take images from devices (fe a device named PC198). I've checked
the satelite,
c:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\work\content-repo\images\PC198.ZMG exists

As the next step, I want to create a bundle to restore this image to PC198.

So I create a new Imaging bundle, ZENworks imaging category, named it
Next I should browse for PC198.ZMG. I can select the satelite server. But
when I browse
File Path on Server:* it shows me PC198.ZMG as being a folder in stead of a
So I can't select PC198.ZMG. I can't open 'the folder PC198.ZMG' either

Am I missing something here?