(I thought, I posted this before, so sorry, if it should be duplicate..)

Two groups of users at this site need to send emails with large attachments, > 10MB
is common, sometimes > 50MB is required (CAD drawings in TIF and DWG format)

As >10 MB is commonly refused by the recipient MX, and >50MB is refused almost by
all MX servers I'd like to ask, what's your solution to email large attachments?

Any suggestions appreciated,

regards, Rudi.

The former email system was "Tobit David". If a email exceeded a specified size
(10MB), then a functionality called "General Delivery" (postlagernd) was
automatically activated, this is transparent to the user (no further actions
required, just click "send"):

The email didn't hold a copy of the attachment itself. The attachments were dropped
to an integrated webserver, and the "attachment" added to the email simply was an
URL pointing to that file (http). After 10 days the files were deleted
automatically, so the URLs weren't valid any more.