I am new to ZCM 10.

We are running ZCM 10.2.3 on a visualized SUSE Linux OES2 platform. While we have not fully implemented it, we are working through getting the system fully functional. We have a mixed bag of XP and Windows 7 machines which are showing up in the devices section or ZCM under their respective groups etc.

On the Windows 7 machines the issue we are having is that the IP address associated with the workstation when it was first imported has changed (laptops); however the Device summary page for the workstation shows the old IP and not the new IP and we cannot get this information to refresh. The ZCM agent on the workstation shows the correct info, but it never reaches the ZCM server, Refresh, remote control etc. gives a connection failure.

The XP machines seem to update the ZCM server.

Like I said I am new to ZCM and I am looking for some guidance as to what I need to be looking for.