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    Information reqeust

    Our DataSync team is preparing for the next release of our Mobility Pack and they have requested some information from customers. While I could comb through all of your postes, I thought this might just be quicker. They have three questions they would like answered. They may want to contact some or all of you who participate so if you are willing, would you send me a direct message (probello@novell.com) with the answers to these three questions?

    1. Customer satisfaction and/or complaints - They don't want War and Peace here but what are your satisfaction levels or complaints. Please be as specific as possible.

    2. The number of users for those respective customers

    3. Devices being used, and how many of each different device - ie - you have x iPhones, x HTC Incredible, etc...

    Please send your replies to my email address - probello@novell.com.


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