I'm need some help to fine tune our VPN with getting the best speed
out of
it in mind. We are using some software now that requires occasional
to a central database at the district office mainly for
enrolling/withdrawing students, doing attendance. The rest is housed
each school's server.

I have tweaked the server settings at each location using the
appropriate BM
TID and things speeded up a little. It is been recommended we go to a

"Star" configuration from our current "Mesh", would this help or
hurt? Or would the "Ring" be better. I'm more than a little leery
making any changes where I'm not sure of the repercussions.

Also, is it necessary to have both IP and IPX protocols up and running
could be just use IP since IPX tends to chatter a lot?

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. We are looking at
creating a
district-wide WAN but that may be several years down the road.

Thank you!