i have a S2S Connection to a Checkpoint NG over BM 3.8. But i can only
reach one Host on the other Side (Ping, Tracert and WWW).
But the second Host is unreachable. Tracert stop at the first
Hop, Ping says destination host unreachable.

My protectet Network is the other Side have

In the third party traffic rules in iManager i have insert the I have also tried to add only the two host with and

In the IKE-Screen i can see two lines like proxy ID type 4 and proxy ID type 4

The tracert to the first host shows two hops:
1. BM-Private IP
2. unkown Host, no answer

The tracert to the second host stop immediately:
1. * * *
2. * * *

in filtcfg i have add a rule any to any for testing.

Whats wrong? What can i do? Is there a rule missing at the checkpoint
or what?

King regards
Thomas Kreis