I have an admin for each department. I would like them to run reports but only on devices they administer.

So I create one folder for each department in devices.
I create Registrations rules so that the devices go into the correct folder in devices.
I create one folder for each department in “Inventory Custom Reports”.
In configuration, Administrators, I select each administrator, then select “Inventory Report Rights”, then select all folders, “Remove all rights”. Then select the correct folder and give “View/Execute Rights”.
Then I’ve copied/create several reports and put a copy of each in all the department’s reports folders.
In each report I had a criteria “Folder (ZENworks), contains <department name>”.

So I have the machines for each department in the correct folder in devices.
I create a folder in reports for each department and gave rights to the correct administrator to only execute.
Finally I restrict each report to the correct folder in devices.
I’ve created 19 department reports folders and 28 reports in each. 532 reports!!!!

After all of this, I discover that the department admins can still copy the report, changing the criteria and save it in is folder? Even with “View/Execute Rights”?
I can’t believe this.
I took this Saturday to do this. I can't believe. I must be doing something wrong.
I even tried to Deny “Create/Delete Reports” and “Execute/Publish Reports” to /Reports. It didn’t work.
Remove any reporting right.
This seems to be relate only to reporting server but at this point I’m trying anything.

Is there something I can do to remove the Copy option, and the Import Option?
If the "New" report option is disable so should be the other 2.

I’ve also tried the reporting server, but:
1. The reports in “Inventory Custom Reports” have drill-down, so are much more powerful.
2. The reports in “Inventory Custom Reports” are also much easier to work with.
3. Also sometimes when accessing the reporting server it fails. So if I stay in Zenworks I think I will have fewer problems.

Help. What I’m doing wrong?