I've recently run into a certificate issue with my existing iPrint server which prompted me to speed things up an build a new iPrint server in a virtual environment. Since the reason prompting me to do this was because of an expired certificate and lost CA password, I'm a little sensitive to certificate issues right now.

After building my SLES 10 SP3, OES2 SP3 VM, I immediately went into my CA Management utility to create a self signed cert for something much longer than the default 2 years. From the CA Management utility I had also exported the cert as the Common Server Certificate. I've noticed that whenever I restart the server while testing, when the server comes back up the Common Server Certificate is back to the one that expires in 2 years. I've also exported the certificate and imported it directly through the Common Server Certificate utility in YaST, but again after restarting the server it resets to the original cert.

Does anyone know of a way to make the 5 year self signed cert stay after restarting? I would consider getting a signed certificate but currently only have a wildcard cert which after much trouble found that many Novell Linux products don't get along well with wildcard certs, so I'd rather stick with self signed at this time. Thanks!