Hi All!

I am using GroupWise 8.02 client (Hungarian version)
If we typing some words (for example "segítőkészségetek"), the client will crash in every case.
It is reproducible always. (In the GroupWise 7 client it is happened similar, by more words, without any way to save the text of crashed mail. It was the main cause of the version change.)
Why hate the client some words?
Fortunately, in the version 8 the text of crashed mail will be saved. :)

The Hungarian error message:
*Belső hiba* - A címjegyzék deinicializáló függvényét nem hívta meg a szülőalkalmazás.
I tried to translate:
*Internal error* - The address book deinitialization function is not called by the parent application.
I can not understand it. :(

Best Regards