Let me first state I'm a 15-year Netware vet, and have the old Directory Services cert...just we set the table right.

1 OES Netware 6.5.8 server, 3 Winblowz 2003 SP 2 servers. The Netware server is the time source. All are set to +5:00 (EST5DST).

Since 2007 and the DST change, the Netware server had issues with changing the time properly in the Spring. The Fall change occurred flawlessly. I reset/re-ran the DST tool, checked everywhere for a solution, then gave up and kept a note to manually change time in the Spring. Note that during these events, eDir health check always came up clean.

Well...this year things are different. The Netware server changed time appropriately, thank you very much, and 2 of the 3 Windows servers changed time just fine. However, 1 Windows server and 8 out of 35 computers were 1 hour behind. Note that all workstations have Windows Time service disabled.

I could not get that 1 Windows server to synch properly, except by using one of the other Windows servers as a time source (sort of a daisy-chain now). Said server was previously an eDirectory server with a Read-Only replica (the Netware is the Master). I deleted the replica, ran a health check until all references to the server were gone, then deleted all eDir objects related to this server. Ran a health check, no references, backlinks, etc. 100% stable eDirectory, only the Master replica exists.

The 8 Workstations I can't get the time to set correctly. Using a Windows-only login, the time is fine.

I remembered an old trick where one changed the time zone, changed the time, then set it back to the proper time zone, and all was well. No go.

I'm at a loss, and have 8 frustrated users who have to change their time at every login. Did I overlook something?

I'm absolutely pulling my hair out on this, and haven't seen