I tried to configure S2S VPN for two server in same tree.
Both servers are in different contexts.

Master server has RW replica of the partition where it reside.
Slave server has Master replica of the partition where it reside.
There are licences(CLA) in both containers (NW6 and BM3.8).
Time is synchronized on both servers.

Only time when i can establish VPN connection is when I temporary
bind internal IP address to the slave server so it can establish fullDS synchronization. After that i can start VPN using STARTVPN.NCF andthere i can unbind internal IP and bind Internet IP. This time is VPNconnection estabished and everythink works fine to the restart.

As you can see it is working only on laboratory.

Can anybody tried this configuration and suggest me which replica
be on each server or how can I configure it.

Second problem is NETDB which is still stoping the server when it is loaded even with /N parameter and LOGIN_TO_NDS 0 in NWPARAMS.

Thanks for any suggestions.