Novell rolled out an improved search on the web site. Improvements include:

1 - Support TIDs are now included in the main web site search
2 - You can save your searches if you are logged in
3 - You can simultaneously search Novell content from the Novell search and Google from a single query
4 - You can be a lot more granular in the areas of the web site you want to search
5 - We have type ahead (suggested search) as you type
6 - We suggest different queries based on your results
7 - We allow you to search for similar documents to any document with a single click
8 - You can select a language for the UI and to limit results
9 - You can search specific file formats
10 - Improved date range search

Other changes have been made as well that improves the user experience as you search our content from NOVELL: Worldwide. We hope it improves your experience on the Novell web site. You can try it out by using the search box up in the Novell header.