I've upgraded my iPrint server and clients to the latest versions available as of March 26. I'm running into a bit of trouble trying to create printer driver profiles for several of my older printers for Windows 7. If I install a system with just the plain driver it does appear to grab the correct trays and features available on the printers, but it isn't finding the correct paper types for the trays, which is why I would like to create the driver profile, so I don't have to manually reconfigure each printer's trays for each user.

After selecting the driver and giving the profile a unique name, the "processing" bar shows up but afterwards I go to the webpage which usually appears after configuring the driver details. Then clicking next at that point I receive a message that there was an error in processing the profile. I am trying this from a Win7 Pro 32 bit VM, and was pretty sure that I was seeing the driver detail screen when I first updated iPrint. This was the main reason why I updated the service because the HP Universal Driver documentation said that the version of iPrint that I was running wasn't compatible.

I've also noticed that with the x64 Universal Driver, unlike the x32 the x64 doesn't display any configurable information for the installed printer. Just curious if this is the case for everyone or just me.