When trying to save a powerpoint presentation to groupwise, I get the 8209 Groupwise error. It says file does not exist. I know the file does not exsit, I am trying to create it. I select OK then the error "Open Document (e501)" pops up says it is unable to open the docuement. It says that it is in use my me however I still have yet to create this file. I have even tried saving it under different names. The (e501) error pops up about 3 times after clicking the OK button. Once that goes away, another error pops up saying "Power point was unable to open or save this document. Please ensure you have access privileges to read or write the docuemtn and that it is not encrypted."

I have tried saving this file under different folders in my GroupWise. Tried saving it on the desktop the importing it to GroupWise. When I tried this, it took about 10 mins to import it, then when I tried to open it, It gave me some more errors.

This powerpoint has about 165 slides on it with a picture on each slide. I have even tried saving an empty slideshow and I get the same errors.

Tried disabling and enabling PowerPoint under Integrations and it doesn't work.

What should I do?