I'm currently working on my first 1.89 GB software deployment since moving to ZenWorks 10. Slowly I've been migrating all apps to deploy from within the content-repo and not from a drive share. So when I saw the size of this bundle I knew I would run into problems with the users and the Network guys. Not only is it huge, but ALL the users are in remote locations and to make it MORE crazy there are only one or two users that need it in each location.

I could copy them to each of their local field servers, but I tried to think of a way to do it through Zen's content repo. I've used 7Zip to compress it and chop it up into 26 files 65 megs each. I was thinking maybe I could create 9 bundles with 3 files in each, configure the content-repo to black-out during work hours and let her do everything for me.

In the end I could have 10 bundles chained together to deploy the files and finally extract the archive. Once this is complete we would then install the software when we're ready.

Does this sound like a good plan? Maybe it's not a good idea to do it with the content-repo? Any alternative ideas?

The biggest issue here is not clogging the WAN links with these users while also maximizing the use of the content-repo's nice automatic file push.