I am soon to be installing a new NW 6 server in a remote office, and
am a little confused.

Our main network has a few NW 6 servers, and an existing tree. The
new server will be in its own OU in the same tree.

When installing NDS, it asks new or existing tree? Well, it will be
part of an existing tree. However, at that point, being that it is remote,
it cannot (yet) communicate with the pre-existing servers. So, how does
it work? Do I say "new tree", and then merge this into the existing at a
later time?

I assume that I need to first finish the install. Then set up a
static route to the existing network (servers). Once the remote server can
"see" the "home" server, how do I get the NDS info from the remote server
into the existing tree?

Also, what about partitions? The remote server will be running
BorderManager VPN (if that affects things). Should the master for the remote OU
be located on the remote server, or on one in the main office?

Thanks for the assistance.

Adam Block

Adam Block, CNE
Systems Administrator
Ulano Corporation