We have 2 groupwise systems (latest) on 2 netware server. Server1 is the gateway, and hosting domain1, server2 is an internal server, hosting domain2.

At this momen domain2 is operating, with its own GWIA on server2. We would like to configure domain1 on server1 to use server2`s GWIA.

We don`t want to mix the 2 domains, as very soon the servers will be at different location. Server1 will have its own GWIA. But for the time being we need 2 domains serviced by 1 GWIA.

I guess this can be done by External Domains, but I don`t have experience with it. So first of all I would like to know, is this what we are looking for?
If this is it, could some explain how should this be configured? Took a look on the docs, but it is useless for someone who has no experience about external domain.

Thanks in advance.