Hi all,

This is my second post in ten years, I am a lurker. I appologize for my
English is going to be hard to undestand.

I Am running two boxes with sles10sp3-OES2sp3 in a cluster, very often
ndsd crashes.

On going through /var/log/messages we we found

kernel: ndsd[8058]: segfault at 0000000000000121 rip 00002aaaaab03fde rsp
000000004f8dcf60 error 4

The exact way as the TID 7007882 states, Novell resolution for this bug is
"Contact NTS for the new RPM".

Called Novell , their answer was to open a service request, sinnce i do not
have a support contract they need my credit card
or ask for help in the forums.

I appreciate very much any help.