We are a public library using GW 7 currently. One of the many things we use GW for is the calendar to keep track of our meeting-room scheduling. The manager in that department loves to schedule posted appointments into perpetuity....She will tell it to use the max number. Hence, we have appointments scheduled in some instances for 10+ years. (I know, don't shoot the messenger)

My question is this.....is there a way to change this to default to only allow for like 26 months? I am upgrading GW to 8 next month and it would be a great time to impliment this change. I am working with our administration to come up with some official policies, but in case the people scheduling happen to forget the policies.....

I am a neophyte when it comes to this, and I am learning as I go.

Please reply to vmoss@fortsmithlibrary.org

Thank you very much,
Vicky Moss
Fort Smith Public Library