I'm trying to configure a bundle to uninstall once it's unassigned from a device/user.

When I click on the Uninstall TAB and select Options I get the following options (In this order)

  • Enable Uninstall (Currently Selected)
  • Allow user to perform uninstall (left unchecked)
  • Uninstall application if not ses within X days (left unchecked)
  • Ignore chained dependencies (left unchecked)

Once I press OK it enabled the 'Undo Install Actions" action.

However once I unassign a bundle to a device it doens't uninstall from the PC.

I've had a search around and noticed a setting in "Configuration -> Device Management -> ZENworks Explorer Configuration" which has the options of:

Unassigned Bundles:
  • Do not uninstall (Currently Selected)
  • Uninstall after x days

I'm wondering if this option needs to be enabled for the Uninstall actions to be performed once a bundle is unassigned.

It seems obvious but I'd rather check here first than do it and end up with a mess. (Since I don't have a test environment for ZENworks)