I am new to the ZCM Imaging thing, trying to get imaging working with our existing ghost images while I build up the ZCM imaging side of things.
We currently have a Ghost server (Windows2003 server) that has the .gho files visible via a share. Is it possible to leave them on the Ghost Server, and feed the images from there using the WinPE PXE environment? Or do I need to have all images in the content-repo folder on the ZCM server?
I plan to dedicate a new ZCM server to just imaging ( and a bucket of space for images) but I'd love to be able to have the existing images remain where they are until I am able to do that.

I have looked into adding a 'NET USE \\ghostserver\share" in the startnet.cmd file in the WinPE image?

Just after some guidance if this is even possible.