Hello NG

In our environment we work with GW8.02 with Windows 7. Now i configured an
ZCM Application that runs a regestry setting each time the user starts
Groupwise. This registry setting do check a specific environment variable.
As examble if the varialbe GWLang is set to FR then on Groupwise the
language will be changed to french.

When the variable is set, I get the following Information.

Novell Application
Loading of language file GWDTA1%L.DLL was not possible
The language file 'GWDTA1DE.DLL was loaded


I have to push to the OK button to close this window.

Unfortunatelly i have to set this variable each time i start groupwise. So
each time i get the Novell Application message. Now my question. How can I
suppress this message? I don't need it.......

Regards Ramon