I'm testing NDMP Backup/Restores
I'm using Time Navigator software, VMWare 4.1 and have a NetApp Storage system
I backuped up a 400Go file system then restored to another volume on the Netapps
I didn't want to present the volume to any of my servers in production. I didn't think it was a good idea to show the pool/volume to any of my production servers before renaming.

I create a new server with a new Tree.
I showed the Lun to this server. Using nssmu I changed the name of the pool and the the name of the volume. on my test server I can mount and map the volume. I then dismounted the volume, disactivate the pool and shutdown the server.
I showed the renamed volume to one of my production servers when I go into nssmu I can see the device. I can see the partition with the information concerning the pool. When I go into pool options I cannot see the pool and in the volume option I cannot see the volume.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated