I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this:
I am working from an XP box running the GW Migration Utility. I have fulfilled all the pre reqs for migration. I can ssh as root into the linux (OES2 sp3) box through Putty.

However when clicking the Migrate button through the Migration Utility I get:
Failed to create needed directories on the Linux server. Verify that the server can be reached through SSH.
When I look at the Migration Utility log I see:
03/30/11 17:09:32 Starting migration...
03/30/11 17:09:32 Creating directories on the Linux server...
03/30/11 17:09:32 Running remote command: mkdir -p /tmp/groupwise/software
Access denied
FATAL ERROR: Unable to authenticate
03/30/11 17:09:33 Remote command failed (1)
03/30/11 17:09:35 Migration phase aborted

When looking at /var/logs messages I see:
Mar 30 17:41:32 groupwiselinux sshd[8287]: error: PAM: Authentication failure for root from machinename.org.localnet

When looking at /var/logs messages logging in through Putty I see:
Accepted keyboard-interactive/pam for root from port 1220 ssh2

Basically it works. The only difference I see is that it gives the IP address from the machine I'm sshing from as opposed to machine name. The linux box doesn't seem to like something about what the GW Migration Utility is handing it.

What is the GW Migration Utility doing differently than the Putty client? It is an authentication error for sure, but I'm not sure how or what to change.

Any help would be appreciated.