Hi There,

I wonder if anyone can help me? we have experienced a problem where by a user had some shared folders, which were shared with users on different post offices as well as the same post office.

Once the user was moved everyone who had access to the shared folders could still see the folders, there was also an icon next to the folder showed that it had unread mail in it, but when you clicked the folder it was empty, if you right clicked on the properties of the folder and clicked the contents button it would report that the folder was empty.

We are on GroupWise 8.0.2 HP2

The user can however go into the shared folder and select repair shared folder and contents reappear.

1. Does anyone know why this happens?

2. Is there a way of repairing these system side so that we don't have to go into the client and do this if it happens?

Any help that you can provide would be great?