I have 5 identical model Canon ir3235 copiers in my office which all of the copiers use the same drivers, but I have 3 different printer profiles that I use to customize each one. One of my copiers, which is identical to 2 others in driver and profile keeps crashing with a 1726 error when it tries to install the driver. After manually restarting the print spooler which crashes, the automatic update either tries to run if that option was enabled, or if turned off I find that the copier does work through iPrint, but still needs to be manually configured.

Since the driver is working correctly for 5 other copiers and the printer profile is working on 2 other copiers I don't think it is a bad driver. I have deleted and recreated the printer both with and without the associated profile and still get the initial print spooler failure and crash on the initial copier installation. This is happening to several different models of machines running Windows XP and Windows 7 32bit. What else is there to try fixing this issue? Thanks!