Devices DO automatically register, but they are missing the "Location:" information in ZCC on the device's Summary page.

In the services-messages.log on the server we are using for registration I see errors like this (I put in the x's for IP Address):

[Registration Admin Service] [Novell.Zenworks.Registration.INVALID_AUTHENTICATIO N_INFO] [The managed device 00237DBFA69A with guid a09c2e6e76bf6220bc6b3d6567c345de and IP address(es) 172.xx.xx.xx failed to register due to invalid authentication info.] [] [2e0ce5626091513d849404fceb918460]

But then the device will register into the Zone.

[] [Registration Web Service] [] [registerDevice complete, time: 15ms, code: -21, device: a09c2e6e76bf6220bc6b3d6567c345de, thread: 69] [] []
[] [Registration Web Service] [] [registerDevice complete, time: 157ms, code: 0, device: a09c2e6e76bf6220bc6b3d6567c345de, thread: 69] [] []
[] [ZoneConfig] [] [getZoneConfiguration complete, time: 562ms, device: 883bc072bd2f7e192670c7329f2c7112, thread: 73] [] []

The devices are WinXP Pro SP3. I applied TID 7007952 for Win7 SP1 devices to our servers, awhile ago. We are on 10.3.2 for servers and agents.

We are using custom agent installs, Registration Keys, and are specifying a Location in the Registration Keys. We used the ZCM Migration Tool to bring in our WS Objects from Zen7. The devices are on Zen7, and are being upgraded and brought into ZCM.

Anyone have any suggestions that I can try?
Thanks for any assistance!!