Hi folks......
I am wondering if anyone can share some insight on this one. I inherited maintaining the policies for our company using ZCM 10.3.1. Currently they are applied at the users container or group level or explicit to the user. No GPO's are applied at the machine level and the policies contain both the "Computer" and "User" configuration.

I have since recreated the policies, made some changes to them, and broken them down into device and user and trying to assign them to either the device or user. My understanding is that policies assigned directly to the user and/or device takes precedence from the top level ones. But the one's I assigned explicitly to the device and test user are not working. They show as being applied but the policy being applied at the container level is still showing up when I do a secpol or gpedit on the device.

Even moving the device and user to separate OU's and it still does not work. What must I do to get rid of these previously built policies and replace them with the newly created ones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.