We are just learning.... Following khurni's great notes "OES2 SP2 Installation Guide" at OES2 SP2 Installation Guide | Novell User Communities. Thanks for those. ;-)

We are using HP Proliant ML350 servers in a test environment.

Installed sles10 sp3 and oes2 sp3 into one tree "test-tree". O = am-test. OU = test. The first server installed into test.am-test container. Running okay.

Problem.. Messed up installing second server into this tree. Didn't put in the server context at the "local server configuration" page (and the server went into the o=am-test container).

I wanted this server in ou=lrctest,o=am-test and not in o=am-test.

I can't find any documentation on how to move the server into another container (what needs to be moved with it, any config files to change, etc.).

Should I just remove the server from the tree and start over again? Are there any good notes out there on how to do this for oes2? I really don't want to redo both servers. ;-)

I am work for a rural school board in Ontario. All our school NetWare 6.5 servers were installed into separate trees - one for each school (years ago because of poor wan etc.) The majority of our schools are now on fiber (a few wireless and dsl left though). So, we are not only learning SLES10/OES2, but we are also working on putting the new servers (as we replace them) into one tree. We have never had to have SLP setup either (because of all the separate trees). So any suggestions, good notes, etc. would be greatly appreciated. ;-)

Thanks for your help.