ZCM 11 Only - Linux backend.
Windows 7 - Client PC

Hi All, Perhaps there are some of you that has tested the following. I'll try and be as descriptive as possible.

I find that the Configuration Location settings not working very well in the following situations:

1. Bob works in the office using his laptop connected to the corporate WiFi.
Configuration Location = Site A

2. Bob puts his Laptop in sleep mode and then heads home. At home he fires up his Laptop and continues to work on his email, web and more connected to his home WiFi.
Configuration Location now = Unknown

3. Bob puts his Laptop in sleep mode and heads back to the office and connects to the coporate WiFi network.
Configuration Location does not update = Unknown!

Should Bob reboot his laptop will his location registers correctly back to Site A.

Is it only me that see these inconsistencies with sleep mode in windows 7?