We have identical Production and Lab eDirectory environments and yes, for
those wondering, they are completely physically separated and even if
someone accidentally cross-connected these two networks, the identical eDir
trees still wouldn't communicate.

Now my question:
I'm creating some new 64bit SLES10SP3 OES2 servers in Prod and then making
imaged copies of these servers with the goal of connecting them to the Lab
tree. I create them in Prod first because it has Internet access and once
fully updated I'd like to test some things in the Lab. The Lab tree has no
Internet access, it's completely isolated and of course, its present version
of the eDirectory tree does not yet know of these new OES2 servers.

How can prepare the Lab tree for these new servers?
Do I need to do a full eDirectory update of the Lab environment using a
DSBackup from Prod? This is what I'm trying to avoid as it's more work and
people that work in the lab have changed their lab user passwords and many
other things, etc...

I'd rather just do some ICE LDIF export of the required server objects from
Prod and import those into the Lab tree. Would this work?

Any suggestions are appreciated.